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What’s Coming and What’s Going on Social Media in June

Outside of the Apple software update dramas, here are some of the key things happening on my favourite social media platforms…mostly Facebook, haha.

Facebook Analytics and Audience Insights will no longer be available from June 30 2021. Despite this, some of this data will be available via Facebook Business Suite, Ads Manager and Events Manager. It wasn’t a widely-used tool, however it likely reflects Facebook’s continued efforts to improve its privacy practices.

If your Facebook Reviews have disappeared, you’re not alone. There have been many reports of this bug recently. In some cases, visitors to the page can still see reviews, but not admins. In other cases, reviews have disappeared altogether. If this has happened to your Page, you can report the bug using these steps.

Again, with Facebook, multiple personal profiles are against Facebook’s Terms of Service. As Facebook continues to weed out accounts with poor practices, it is possible that you’ll find secondary (or perhaps primary) accounts, restricted from running ads, or unable to set up Two Factor Authentication (critical for Business Manager access). If you rely on Facebook for your business, it’s time to tidy up your practices. Stop giving your personal profile logins to virtual assistants and run your business via your business page.

Spotify and Facebook are both testing alternatives to Clubhouse, a social audio app. I haven’t tried any of these options yet. Honestly, with the time I spend on all my other social platforms, and podcasts, I’m not in a hurry to add these to my ‘must-listen’ list yet.

Pinterest has expanded its shopping features in Australia, hooray! I cannot wait to start using this feature more on this underutilised platform.

Honestly, there are always so many updates across all the social media platforms! If you’re finding it overwhelming, book a call with me and we can break it down and start a simple strategy for making it so much easier for you!