Meet Anita

Hi! I'm Anita, the face (and brains) of Simple Smart Social. I'm a Gold Coast based, passionate small business supporter, who loves social media and marketing. The challenge of building a brand, and the rush when someone likes a post I've laboured over, never gets old. I'm also a mum, wife, sister, friend, dog lover, coffee connoisseur and all round busy lady who wouldn't have it any other way.

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Why Simple Smart Social?

You know having a strong social media presence is important, but so is everything else in your business, like managing, payroll, staff management, safety, actually running your business and getting more than 4 hours sleep a night!
I get that, so we make social media simple, by creating and curating content, posting on your pages, engaging with your community and reporting back on a monthly basis.
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What's the Deal?

You can get started with a small business social media management plan super quickly. There's a package to suit most budgets and marketing needs and you're always welcome to chat to me about the specific needs of your business.
Get in touch today to discuss your social media needs today!
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The Simple Smart Social Story


Simple Smart Social started with my dream of supporting small businesses through awesome social media management. Making it easy for them whilst carving out a new path for myself.

Simple Smart Social will deliver to my clients, all the experience I've had in owning and operating my previous business, my love of social media and how it can be used as such an awesome tool, plus benefit from my love of seeing small business succeed. For busy business owners on the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast, looking for social media management, this could be just for you.

How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives.

Next Steps...

To get more information on our social media management packages, or to discuss your specific business needs, get in touch today!