Why I think Facebook Boosts are Sometimes Ok

Here’s a little gem of wisdom I think you’ll appreciate. Sometimes, it’s actually ok to boost a Facebook post! This might be a ‘controversial’ opinion for those in the Facebook ads game, but as a realist, here’s why I think it’s ok:

1. Boosts are great if you’ve got a small budget and not much time. Quality content and $10 can go a long way. In fact, there are times when great content that entertains, engages or educates an audience can go completely viral from a small boost to the right audience.

2. Boosts are great if you’ve got a post that’s performing well and you want to reach more people with some simple targeting (don’t throw good money after a badly performing post though, it won’t make it better). You can see if it’s performing well, by checking out the Insights section of your Facebook page,

3. Boosts help you to stick your toes in the waters of Facebook ads, without needing to learn about campaigns, top, middle and bottom of funnels, conversions etc. Facebook ads are powerful and useful, there’s no doubt. But it’s also HUGE and there’s a lot to learn!

Are you going to quickly scale your business to $10m with boosted Facebook posts? No, probably not. As with everything though, test and measure your advertising approach and assess what works for you. You might find the occasional Facebook post boost is just the boost you need!

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