The Website is Live!

Wow, what a week it’s been! Simple Smart Social started with a flutter and has now become a whirlwind in my life and I’m loving it!

The good news is, the website is live! I’d love you to have a look around and give me your feedback…it’s definitely in ‘beta’ phase, so be kind. Let me know if it’s easy to read, if there are spelling mistakes, if any links don’t work, if there’s more info you want to know and I’ll get right on it. This site will also be the home for my blog on all things social media and small business.

The even better news is, I’ve been fortunate enough to get 3 proposals out to potential clients already! I’ll never count my chickens too early, but I’m taking this as a good sign of being on the right path. There are exciting, stressful, busy, creative and joyful times heading this way over the coming weeks and months- I’m so glad I was brave enough to take the leap to start this part of my journey.

Special thanks to Jeay and Reuben for bearing with me while the laptop ‘tap,tap, taps’ in bed while they’re trying to sleep; I can’t promise it’ll stop any time soon!