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Get my Simple Tips for Creating Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are blowing up! Yes, they are very similar to TikTok, but for many of us who don’t want to move to a whole new platform, Reels are the perfect substitute. They are also getting a lot of visibility, dominating Instagram content, great for your brand or profile.

According to Instagram Reels are made to ‘create, watch and share short, entertaining videos’.

Videos are up to 30 seconds long, can use multiple ‘clips’, along with text, audio and AR filters. It’s possible to either film the clips directly on Reels, or upload videos from your gallery. Plus, you can remix someone else’s video with your own.

Successful Reels generally have engaging music, or interesting voiceovers, with clear video footage and some text elements. Accounts will have various access to popular audio files, so, if it’s available to you, take advantage of trending audio.

Reels can’t be scheduled, however, you can save them to drafts to then post later. They can be posted to the Reels tab on Instagram, along with Stories and to the Feed. This is definitely a situation where ONLY vertical video works.

If you are recycling your videos from another platform, like TikTok, you’ll want to remove the logo or watermark first. is a popular choice on desktop.

Before you start making Reels, take a minute to think about what you’re trying to achieve and set a plan and time limit for creating it. Otherwise you might end up in a 2 hour vortex of remaking Reels to get it ‘just right’.

You DON’T have to learn dance moves, or act out scenes (although you can if you want!) What’s interesting and entertaining for you and your ideal audience?

Let me know how I can help you nail your social media marketing!


P.S. Although I’m having fun making the occasional Reel for my business, this is more a Do-What-I-Say-Not-What-I-Do scenario.


P.P.S Should I start a Reels challenge and we can all start creating Reels together?