How to Convert Social Media Followers into Buyers

It’s a common scenario; you’ve got a tonne of followers on your social media accounts, but the bulk of them aren’t purchasing from your store, downloading your lead magnet or registering for your event…

Each account is going to have their own reasons that followers aren’t buyers, but there are a few areas you should definitely review:

? Do people know you’re actually selling something? You definitely don’t want every post to be a ‘sales’ post, but if it’s not clear what you do, what you’re selling or how to purchase, it’s not easy for your followers to buy your stuff.

 ? Do your links work? Broken links and slow-loading websites stop people from purchasing ALL. THE. TIME. (Note to self, fix my load time on my website.)

 ? If you’re getting website visitors but not conversions (leads, purchases etc.), look at factors such as shipping costs, trust icons for payment, discounts and reminders to retargeted customers who added to cart but didn’t purchase, general functionality, availability of ‘buy now, pay later’ options and more. Where are people ‘falling off’ your sales funnel?

?  Don’t buy followers. These followers will NEVER turn into real customers and it will very likely put off those who are genuine purchasers.

 ? Utilise user-generated-content to build trust. In the same way as testimonials work to build trust, this shows that other people have purchased before them and they were happy too!

 ? Run ads to your followers and ideal audience. A messenger bot can work well to re-engage people with a discount code or other special offer.

 ? Review your analytics for info about your audience, you might find that the people who you thought were your ideal customer are not the demographic following you on your socials. Are 50% of your followers from abroad, but you only ship to Australia? That’s going to impact the number of followers who can become buyers.

Let me know if these tips have helped you! If you need help converting your followers into buyers, let’s talk!