15 Free (or almost free) ways to grow your Facebook profile

To grow your Facebook page profile, there are a few ways to go about it. Of course, you should post engaging, relevant content at the times your audience are most likely to be online. However, if you're starting a new profile, how do you build awareness that your business even exists on Facebook.

Invite Your Friends

On Facebook, you have an option to invite your friends to like your page. This is a great starting point to build 'status' from page likes, and as these people are (hopefully) more likely to engage with your posts, it helps the Facebook algorithm decide to show your posts to more of your followers.

Ask Your Team to Like and Invite their Friends

If you've got a loyal team who are passionate about your business, this is another simple way to expand your page reach.

Invite People Who Like Your Posts

If you have people who like your posts, but don't like your page, you can invite them to do so with a click of a button. This works well for smaller pages, but isn't available for large pages.

Engage on other posts as your Page

You can like and comment on other pages as your business. If these businesses are in your target market, take a minute to engage on their posts. This is possible on desktop. Sharing other people's content to your page is also an opportunity to build awareness with your ideal customers.

Share Content to Your Personal Profile

This will help to expand reach and remind your friends to like your page.

Get Your Page Verified

In page settings, there is an option to get your page verified. This is a straightforward process (so long as you have access to the phone number on your website/Facebook page) and will help your page be found in Facebook search.

Go Live on Your Page

Although this isn't something everyone likes to do, Facebook loves live video and is likely to prioritise this type of content.

Add Links to Your Website

By adding your social links to the header or footer, and contact page of your website, you're expanding awareness to people who already go directly to your website, or who Google search your business.

Add Links to Your Email Footer

Many people send and receive hundreds of emails a day. Pique their curiosity by adding adding social icons with links to your Facebook page. You can also add a note asking people to Like Your Facebook Page.

Facebook Competitions

Although there are a few rules to manage when it comes to Facebook competitions, they can be a great way to grow your business page. Unfortunately, it is against Facebook's Terms of Service to ask people to 'tag a friend' as a competition rule, despite it being commonly used.

Share in your Newsletter

If you have a regular (or irregular) newsletter, don't forget to tell your subscribers that you're now on Facebook and ask them to like your page.

Use Facebook Groups

Many Facebook groups have a specific day where you can promote your Facebook page. Use this opportunity for free promotion by liking other businesses with your personal (or business) page, and letting them know you've liked it on behalf of your business. Then they are much more likely to return the favour.

Groups are also great for recommendations, so know where your customers are likely to hang out and be aware of any opportunities for self promotion.

Add the Facebook Icon to Cars, Uniforms, Printed Materials etc.

If it's got your branding on it, it could make sense to have the Facebook logo (and sometimes @username) printed there too.

Partner with an Influencer

In some industries, influencers (particularly micro-influencers, less than 10,000 followers), can help drive traffic to your page without a huge expense. Make sure to check their engagement rates and follower demographics to ensure they aren't paying for followers. Influencers may be 'paid' in products or services and don't always request financial payment.

Run Facebook Ads

Facebook ads, are in the scheme of advertising costs, quite affordable. Plus, the data provided in the back end allows for quality targeting and assessment of advertising not found anywhere else.